"After the death of my husband Sam, I was unexpectedly flooded with optimism."

-Vicki Paris Goodman


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To Sam, With Love

A Surviving Spouse’s Story of Inspired Grief

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In To Sam, With Love, Vicki Paris Goodman recounts her surprising experience of insights and inspiration after the death of her beloved husband Sam. Expecting despair, instead she was blessed with an influx of optimism. She felt the strong presence of a “helping hand” guiding her to circumvent the “cycle of grief.”

Reader Testimonials

“Vicki Goodman will keep the reader enchanted. Although her memories of Sam are similar to those that many of of us have lived, her depth of observation and ease of telling add a great deal of warmth, and even affection, that will take you on an incomparable journey. Enjoy!”
-- June Vandendries
“I really needed the message from this book. Vicki really hit it out of the park, proving with faith anyone can overcome loss.”
-- Matthew Pinard
“To Sam, with Love” is authentic, humorous, sacred, offering a personal glimpse into the author’s journey at a time she least expected. There are many scenes to touch the reader in the heartstrings, asking them to examine their own reactions in various situations. A must read for anyone facing the prospect of losing someone, or having lost someone. You will not be disappointed.

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